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Snow Skin Mooncake
Snow Skin Mooncake
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Snow Skin Mooncake

Snow Skin Mooncake is a kind of Chinese mooncake. It is a symbolic gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival in China.
Prep Time5 hrs
Cook Time20 mins
Total Time5 hrs 20 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Chinese
Keyword: Snow Skin Mooncake
Servings: 12
Calories: 136kcal


  • 45g glutinous rice flour
  • 40g rice flour
  • 20g wheat starch
  • 185g milk
  • 30-50g sugar or sugar powder
  • 20g corn oil or salad oil
  • 250g Lotus Filling
  • Salted egg yolk
  • Cooked glutinous rice flour
  • Green tea powder


For the mooncake skin

  • Mix the milk, sugar and corn oil in a bowl. Add glutinous rice flour, rice flour and wheat starch. Stir well with a spoon.
  • The batter is poured into the bowl through the sieve. Set aside for 30minutes. And then steam it for 20 minutes in a steamer.
  • Transfer the batter on a workbench, and you can choose to add green tea powder or other color materials and stir well with a spoon. Cooling it and put in the refrigerator for a while.
  • The dough was divided into 18 g small dough and pressed it by hand.

Assemble the mooncakes

  • Spoon 15g of lotus filling into the center of the dough skin and wrap it well. Finally, wrap a layer of cooked glutinous rice flour on the surface.
  • Press the moon cake into the mold to make the shape. Refrigerated them for 4-5 hours. Serve.


1. After the mooncake skin is steamed, wait until it is completely cooled before filling it. Otherwise, it will stick to your hands. After the skin is cooled, it will sticky hands slightly are still normal and add some glutinous rice flour on your hand can be solved. When steaming the snow skin mooncake, cover the fresh-keeping bag to ensure that the moon cake is steamed and will not sticky too much.
2. Compared with glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour does not have viscosity, and adding some rice flour to the dough can avoid the snow skin mooncake taste too soft. Wheat starch can increase the toughness of the mooncake skin and look more transparent.